Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 21 - M.I.Z....Z.O.U.

On Sunday we celebrated my cousin Brennen's high school graduation in Lincoln. It was great seeing family again.

Dean went golfing on Memorial Day and I had plans burn some videos on DVD and some other projects around the house but I came down with something pretty bad and was out of commission all of that day.

Thursday through Sunday we were in Columbia, MO for Chad and Sherry's 40th birthdays. We had a great time spending time with our family... even got to run on Mizzou's football field for awhile during their party!

5.24.09 - 5.30.09

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 20 - Walking to Iowa

On Sunday Dean, Kathy, and I journeyed back downtown to take a walk along the Riverfront. We walked across the newly built Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge that leads to a park in Council Bluffs and after walking back to Omaha we had lunch at The Old Mattress Factory. Once we returned home Kathy and Guy packed up their belongings and headed back to Lincoln. We had a wonderful time hosting them for the weekend and hope to have them over again soon. :-)

Woohoo! On Monday I finally won a prize in a sweepstakes. I won one of the daily prizes that T.Marzetti Dressings was giving away in the Backyard BBQ sweepstakes--one of 23 bocce ball sets! Too bad we already have one, but it's worth $100 so it'll be a good Craigslist item! :-) Funny thing is that I took about a week-and-a-half break from entering because I was burnt out on entering, so this is great motivation on my first day back!

On Friday and Saturday, Dean and I decided to try painting for the first time in our lives. I gotta say, we're pretty good at it! We painted our master bedroom a beautiful shade of blue. Before the walls were white and had a border--the border removal proved to be the hardest part.

5.17.09 - 5.23.09

Friday, May 15, 2009

Week 19 - Wicked Week

As you can probaby tell by the title for this post, the excitement this week was seeing the musical Wicked! Dean was spared from this one since this time it was a Girl's Night with my cousin Megan and Aunt Mary. Megan and I went downtown a little bit early and had a glass of wine at La Buvette, then we joined Mary at Stokes for dinner, and then onto the Orpheum for Wicked. The musical was fabulous! I highly recommend seeing it! Only thing I don't recommend is going downstairs during intermission and using the bathroom just off the stairs. I'll leave that private joke for Megan and Mary. ;-)

La Buvette


On Friday at work, to celebrate the May birthday, anniversaries, and new hires we were told we're having an Ice Cream social in the afternoon. Little did we know they called an ice cream truck to come and we each got to pick what we wanted! I chose the ever-so-delicous Choco Taco and we also got cute new coffee mugs. :-) Just what my day needed since I'm swamped and wasn't having the best morning.

On Saturday, Dean's mother Kathy (and her dog Guy) came up to spend the weekend with us to celebrate Mother's Day since we weren't able to last weekend. We enoyed the weather in the afternoon by hangin out on a our outdoor catches and catching some rays and then headed downtown to Lewis & Clark Landing for the first peformance of the Playing with Fire concert series.

5.10.09 - 5.16.09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 18 - Girl's & Guy's Day Out

I worked a lot of overtime this week and Dean did more yard work. On Saturday I spent some time with my cousin Megan and Aunt Mary at Village Pointe in the late morning/early afternoon, which was wonderful... We browsed through the Farmer's Market, had lunch at Paradise Bakery, and then did some shopping--I got some great bargains! Dean went to Lincoln in the morning to golf with some friends for Luke's bachelor party. Other than that, a pretty tame week. :-)

Village Pointe Farmer's Market

Village Pointe Mall

Luke's Bachelor Party Golf Outing

5.3.09 - 5.9.09