Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 26 - Half Way There!

Wow, it's week 26 which means we're officially half-way through the year. How the heck did that happen?!

This is a cool week for it to be the half-way point! On Sunday (6.28) my work had it's Summer Outing at the zoo. Since Dean was out of town Stacy came with me and we went around with Ember, Kris & Parker. I got some great pictures! You can view all the photos here.

I'm hoping for better things this week. I just got a call from my dentist and they had a cancellation and got me in for tomorrow over lunch--now if I could just get in sooner for my filling!

Wednesday (7.1) has been going pretty good! I "get" to take a half-day and enjoy the gorgeous weather--although it's b/c I'm waiting for Service One to come fix our AC! I can't believe it has been a week since we've ran the AC in the house! Reminds me of living in the sorority. :-) While I was waiting for Service One, UPS dropped off an evelope for me and I found out that I won 2nd prize in a Teleflora sweepstake and won $50 to Macy's! And to make the day even better, Dean came back from his latest stint in GI today as well. Lucky him he came home to an air conditioned house!

On Thursday (7.2) We decided to do some more upgrades to the house over the long weekend. We painted our previous white shutters black and LOVE the new look! Here's a half-way progress photo (before we painted the upper windows.

On Friday (7.3) we drove down to Lincoln to have lunch with my brother (and family) from Mizzou, and my Dad and his wife. It was nice seeing them again. They're off to Walt Disney World in a few weeks and decided to make a quick trip up to Nebraska beforehand.

On Saturdays (7.4) we went over to Ember and Kris' house to watch the fireworks. Watching their lil' son Parker get so excited over fireworks (especially snaps) was so funny. We had a great time, enjoyed cocktails, smores, brownies, and chocolate fondue. Diet starts tomorrow!!

6.28.09 - 7.4.09

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week 25 - Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today (6/25) is one of those days were everything seems to go wrong. Our air conditioner busted and this week the heat index has been over 100. Our repair guy can't come over until next Wednesday to look at it... when I got home after work it was 92-degrees in our house! Luckily the basement is staying fairly cool. I finally got into my dentist to look at a tooth where a filling came lose, turns out that I have a new cavity where the old was one and it could potentially need a root canal. They can't get me in for a new filling until mid-August and I can't get in for a filling until September! Plus she thinks I need my wisdom teeth pulled, soooo yaaaaaay. Ugh.

I also just got word that both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passed away today. Farrah's death was expected b/c of her public battle with cancer but MJ completely shocked me! Ironically earlier in the day I had been discussing with a coworker who was going to be the "third" celebrity death since they come in three's and was completely silent when I got into my car about an hour later and started hearing the reports. No one saw this coming! At least, I didn't...

On a lighter note, on Saturday my friend Stacy and I went downtown to the Summer Arts Festival. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time catching up and browsing all the artist's work... and even getting yelled at by one of them!

I borrowed my uncle's digital SLR for tomorrow's trip to the zoo and decided to take it to Standing Bear after the Summer Arts Festival. Every time I go running I see so much I want to take pictures of so I figured this was a perfect opportunity! You can see all the photos here.

6.21.09 - 6.27.09

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week 24

This week was a fairly average week for us, but with a sad evening. We both worked and survived the week as always, Dean came home from Grand Island on Wednesday, and we enjoyed Baja Fish Taco Thursday at our favorite resturant in town--Shuck's (inside Absolutely Fresh Seafood at 119th & Pacific). During Dean's time off he was able to attend one of the games of the College World Series. On Saturday we attended a funeral.

6.14.09 - 6.20.09

Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 23

This week was rather uneventful. Dean leave for Grand Island on Sunday and had to deal with a lot of rain. Below are some pictures from his field work.

On Saturday, Mary, Megan, Russ, and I went down to Lincoln to celebrate my sister-in-law Molly's 30th birthday at Venue.

6.7.09 - 6.13.09

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week 22 - Royal Treat

This week we went to an Omaha Royals baseball game. Below you will see a picture of where we were supposed to sit (yellow section), where we ended up sitting (behind home plate), and some other random pictures. Beforehand we tailgated in the parking lot and even ran into Dean's friend Quinn on our way inside.

5.31.09 - 6.6.09