Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's the Journey... Not the Destination

Today we drove the 'Road to Hana'. It's a drive that took us about 4 hours down the northeast coast of Maui from where we're staying (Kihei) down to town of Hana (plus three hours back). We know most people probably think we wasted a day in paradise driving, but this was one of the most incredible experiences! The drive includes over 600 curves, 54 bridges, and beauty beyond what you can imagine! We purchased a special CD to play during the drive that suggests places to stop and gives history on what we're seeing. We highly recommend this to anyone making this drive. We packed a cooler with snacks and water, wore our swim suits under our clothes, brought towels and a change of clothes all in preparation for this long, but beautiful drive.

Kendra's friend Jackie told us that we had to eat at Mama's Fish House while on Maui, and ironically we stumbled upon it on our way to Hana. So on the way back we decided to stop for dinner. The food was delicious and we lucked out being there at the right time for another beautiful sunset.

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