Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week 10 - Happy Hours = Happy Week

I'm a little late in adding last week's details and it went by so fast that I'm having difficulty remembering what happened! We had chillier weather so I didn't get out to run at all last week, but I was in a major spring cleaning mode, which I'm sure Dean appreciated! The time changed on Sunday the 8th so I was a bit groggy all week but I feel adjusted now.

On Thursday (3/12) I met Ember, Kathleen & Stacy for happy hour at Kona--oh how I've missed their calamari and sushi!!! And the best part is that overall I'd say we ordered about 8 drinks, 4 sushi rolls, a pizza, Maui tacos, and calamari--for a grand total of $12 a person! You can't beat all that for only $12! It was great catching up with Kathleen about Cole and Stacy about Andy. Sounds like some great things are in everyone's future!! ;-)

And since apparently I go out when I can't go running, it seems fitting that on Friday the 13th I went out for happy hour at Genji w/ coworkers for Adrian's birthday and Toni's last day at work. The pictures for this week are from this day. On Saturday Dean and I went out to do some shopping and I ended up with some new running shoes (from him for my bday) so of course I hit the trails on a beautiful 60-degree day!

Adrian, Jennie, Autumn, Toni, Janel, Alexis, Me, Emily & Sheryl

The March Bday Girls: Me (3/1), Adrian (3/13) & Jennie (3/24)

Adrian in Mai Tai Heaven

3.8.09 - 3.14.09

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