Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 12 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It's only Wednesday and I've already dubbed this the week of 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly'. Thus far it's gone in reverse so hopefully the end of the week will follow suite and will all be good stuff. :-)

The Ugly: Week 12 certainly started out with a bang! Quite literally! Three days into "Spring" Omaha had it's first tornado warning of the year (3/23). We had lots of hail, thunderstorms, high winds and tornadic activity around the area. Nothing as damaging as last June, but still eventful. Luckily it started after 5pm so I was home before it hit. I talked to Dean around 2pm and it had just hit GI at that point and he was sitting in his truck while it hailed and then it was over there. Anyway, here are photos from today. Ironically today was the anniversary of a fatal tornado back in 1913 that killed 150 people and injured 400!

View from our front porch

Our front yard.

Hail on our patio couches.

The Bad: Dean "accidentally" threw away my wallet with my credit cards and gift cards from by birthday and Christmas. On Monday after the bad weather I was doing some stuff online and needed my credit card for something, and so I went into our kitchen to find the bag I had my wallet in. A little backstory, I carry a large purse and since I had two gifts to distribute at the Legion on Friday I emptied the contents of my purse into a Target bag so I could fit the gifts in my purse. Luckily I took my license and main debit card out of my wallet to put into a wrislet for the night, however I put the rest of my wallet in the Target bag. Sunday evening Dean mistook the Target bag as trash and put in our trash can. Of course our trash day was Monday and I didn't discover this until Monday night. I spent the rest of that night calling my credit card companies. As sucky as this was, the silver lining is that I have been putting off closing my accounts at the bank I used before we got our joint accounts at Dean's bank and my original bank's debit card was still in my wallet so instead of calling to get a new card, I finally went in and closed all those accounts.

The Good: I got a funny text from Dean on Tuesday telling me to check his "sweeps" email address. Since I'm addicted to sweeps I created him a Yahoo address since you tend to get a lot of junk mail from certain sweeps. We, okay correction... HE won another sweepstake! First of all, I'm thrilled but I have to admit I'm getting jealous b/c I can't remember the last time I was the one who won stuff. ;-) The last win was a kick-ass baby monitor and now we have a year's supply of all-natural baby wipes and diaper cream. Dean mentioned in his text that it's "nuthin 2 big", however this is a highly rated brand and not too cheap--the average retail value of the year's supply is $350! So little by little we're getting closer to being prepared for a baby... just have to work on the obvious missing factor. LOL

Another Good: My nieces are in town!! I got an email on Sunday from Allison (almost 10-years old) and she said they're in town for Spring break (they live in Columbia, MO). We have arranged for Allison and Madison to come up to Omaha Thursday night and stay with us until Saturday... I cannot wait! Not sure at this point (Wed) when Dean will come home from Grand Island, so he might miss the girls. He was supposed to be done for the month on Tuesday but his coworker (who lives out there) his wife had their baby so now he's off the rest of the week. Dean ended up coming home on Thursday, the same day I picked up the girls. We had a great time between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon when they stayed with us. We played board games, the wii, went to Amazing Pizza Machine, BounceU, and lots of other things. :-) Here are a couple pictures from the time they were here:

Poor Maddy got cut off. :( We could see her in the refelction inside the booth but not on the print-outs.

The girls at Amazing Pizza Machine

The girls chose some fake moustaches as prizes at the AMP so we could take pictures with Dean since he obviously doesn't need a fake one. LOL

This really doesn't have to do with any of the 'Good, Bad, or Ugly' but I'm proud of my latest diaper cake so I wanted to include it. :-) This is for Dean's coworker in Grand Island who just had their baby.

3.22.09 - 3.29.09

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