Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week 14 - Sweeps Galore

We have been rather blessed with winning prizes in our sweepstakes lately. Although these aren't big prizes, early Sunday (4/5) morning (12:45am) we won two sweeps in a row! Dean won a t-shirt from GTX and minutes later I won a $10 Visa gift card from Century 21. We're very good at winning these smaller prizes, so hopefully soon we'll be even more blessed and win a big sweepstake!

Later Sunday morning we awoke to lots of blowing snow and no power! The snow covered the grass but melted on the sidewalks since it's been so warm. Dean and I hung out for awhile w/o power but decided to get out and run some errands since we couldn't do anything at home. We had lunch at Chipotle, made a quick stop to Verizon to exchange some accessories, and then went to SuperTarget to buy Easter goodies for Dean's nephews. We're hosting Easter this coming Sunday and always plan an egg hunt for his nephews Kobe and Zack. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. The good news is that as of 7:30pm most of the snow has melted, so it's looking like it will hopefully be good a week out.

On Tuesday, April 7th I joined Stacy, Kathleen (+ Cole), and Ember for lunch at Valentino's. Kathleen is on maternity leave and Stacy is on Spring Break so it was a perfect week for us all to get together for lunch and catch up. I didn't want to bug the girls with yet another group picture so I snuck in a picture with lil' Cole!

When I arrived home today (4/7) there was a big box on our front porch and I knew it had to be our most recent 'big' sweep win, the year's supply of baby wipes and diaper rash cream. :) The sent it very nicely boxed up so I only took out a few for a picture. All together we got 24 packages for 70-count wipes and 12 diaper rash creams. Luckily none of this expires until 2011!

4.5.09 - 4.11.09

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