Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Day in Paradise

Today we packed up and said goodbye to Maui. We started the morning off by laying on the beach for a bit, then went back to our condo and started packing up. We have a later flight today so we decided to drive up to Lahaina and have lunch there before heading to the airport. We love the town of Lahaina--very quaint. We stumbled upon Blue Lagoon off Front Street and decided to eat there. Afterwards we did some shopping and enjoyed the scenery.

After walking around Lahaina for a bit, we eventually headed back and checked into the airport to sadly await the arrival of our plane. However we were very blessed with a few more amazing rainbows that will forever be grained in our memories!

Rainbow over our plane after arriving:

Rainbow over our plane at the gate:

Double-rainbows as I looked out from my seat!

And I just HAVE to point out where I'm sitting in comparison to Dean on our flight home. We weren't booked next to each other, however we were only supposed to be one row apart so we could communicate if needed. Well lucky Dean gets offered to trade seats into the exit row b/c a young boy was originally booked there. So while he's stretching out his legs in the exit row, his wife of 5 days is cramped next to a total stranger. Next time, first class all the way... :-)

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