Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

We cannot believe that 2009 is here already! Life never seemed to rush by too quickly for us until 2008... that entire year is a blur! We obviously had a wonderful 2008 with our wedding and honeymoon, but also spending time with family and friends, and most importantly enjoying our newlywed life together. We're very grateful for everything 2008 brought us and hope that we'll be as blessed in 2009.

To wrap up 2008 we had a great time ringing in the New Year with our friends Ember & Kris, Kathleen & Dave, Stacy, and our new friend Andy. We enjoyed lasagna for dinner, chocolate fondue for dessert, and lots of games throughout the evening! Catch Phrase was probably our favorite, but watching everyone play American Idol and Dancing With The Stars on Wii provided some hilarious memories and great video! Favorite moments of the night include:
~ Question: "What Does Santa Say?" Answer: "Arggggggg"
~ Question: "Men have this but women don't".... (clue: He counted down to 2009)
~ Stacy & Ember's rendition of Livin' On a Prayer
~ Kris Raising the Roof
~ Dave's fishing skills

Our resolution for this year is to cherish every day together and make the most of 2009. Because of this we have a project we want to accomplish for 2009. A few years back I tried to take a picture every day of the year, but somedays there just wasn't anything exciting to take a picture of. I've been wanting to try this project again, so we're going to try it this year with a twist... We're going to take at least one photo a week and pick our favorite picture to represent that week of our life. We're also going to try and keep this blog updated weekly along with the photos.

So to start it off, here is our first picture of 2009. This was our New Year's kiss on January 1st, 2009.


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