Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week 16 - Green Thumbs

This week we have had beautiful weather! We've done a lot of yard work and are definitely enjoying the season.

The major events this week have been Dean's friend Ben (who now lives in Vegas) was back this week and on Thursday, April 23rd him and Dean went golfing. Hoping to have some pictures to show for it... The other exciting part of this week was that a press release came out asking for male casting extras in an upcoming George Clooney movie called Up In The Air. We sent an email for Dean to be in it, so fingers crossed that he'll get selected and get a lil' screen time. ;-) Update: Unfortunately they had already filled all the extra positions by the time we applied, but hey---can't regret not trying!

Towards the end of the week things got good and bad. Good in that Dean won 2nd prize in another sweeps--funny thing is that it was a 2000 flushes toilet bowl cleaner (rather than the Grand Prize of a 50" tv and home theatre seats!) LOL, I told Dean that prize pretty much sums up our luck with winning grand prizes.

At the beginning of the week we bought a lilac bush to plant on the side of our backyard and we did a lot of yardwork towards the end of the week to prepare to plant it over the weekend. "Bad" is that somehow during all this I scratched my left eye and it got really irritated. Of course I don't have nice enough glasses to wear in public so I stayed home from work on Friday and missed out on a gorgeous day b/c I couldn't bare to be any light, including computers and tvs... so I pretty much rested all day. Dean got our lilac bush planted on Saturday though and it looks great. Can't wait for it to bloom and smell its fragrance.

4.19.09 - 4.25.09

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