Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 17 - Bring On The Rain

Since last night (4/26), April showers have officially arrived. Woke up this morning to a thunderstorm and it has pretty much continued all day long. I actually enjoy the sounds of thunderstorms and rain, however today we visited 6 stores looking for a patio dining set so the rain wasn't exactly fun. And to make matters worse when we got home we noticed that the skylight in our main bathroom is leaking (so much that the ceiling material is bubbling) and we're just waiting for water all over our floors. Rain is expected throughout the night and tomorrow, so hopefully we can get the roofing guys over and get it fixed soon.

The rest of the week consisted of us both working overtime at our jobs and a little yardwork whenever the rain ceased. On Thursday (30th) the weather was beautiful after work so we got to some more of our gardening projects. I planted some snapdragons, Dean finally got one of our dead shurbs uprooted, and we also planted strawberries and jalepeno peppers in our new Topsy Turvy planter!!

On Friday, May 1st my department at work exchanged May Day Basket favors. For my favor, I gave out lil' bags of (divided) Wildflower seed and printed a poem about April Showers bringing May Flowers. :-) LOL, I thought I had the creative gift but turns out three other ppl had the same idea too!! Regardless, it was a fun thing to do and definitely cheered up this gloomy morning. Now onto the 200+ profile launches I have before I can leave for the day... Ugh.

On Saturday (5/2) we went down to Lincoln and for a dinner 'party' at Keith & Amy's house. Dean's friends Jay & Marci (plus kids) came over as well. The evening was a lot of fun, and at one point all the boys took a ride in Jay & Marci's new convertible, and of course Dean (in the back) put his hood up to not ruin his hair. Keith doesn't need to worry too much about that issue, but did it anyway. ;-)

4.26.09 - 5.2.09

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