Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 27

The reason being this entry technically belongs in last week's post but since I just discovered this envelope a few minutes ago, I'm counting it as excitement for Week 27! Dean got the mail last Friday (7.2) and had it sitting on our kitchen table under some other stuff. I just looked through it and saw something from UPS addressed to me. Of course anything from UPS gets me excited b/c it's generally from a sweepstake... and this was no different! I won $50 to Regis Salons from Glamour! I love my current stylist so I doubt I'll go there for a styling but maybe some new products or hold onto it to regift--so friends start sucking up! ;-)

We finished reinstalling the shutters today and Dean got started on our new storm door (hopefully will be installed when he's back home in 10 days). Below is a picture of the final result of all our exterior updates this weekend. Ignore all the mud on the 'after' picture... that's how messy Dean gets in GI and what mess he brings home too!

The rest of the was fairly uneventful. On Tuesday as all the tv stations advertised, "the world said goodbye to the King of Pop" as a two-hour live telecast of Michael Jackson's memorial aired. A group of my coworkers and I watched a portion of the memorial over our lunch hour and one coworker even made everyone stickers. :-)

Also, my Aunt Peggy had emailed earlier this week informing us that at 4:56am on 7/8/09... the only time this would ever happen. Ironically I slept horribly this week and was awake around that time so figured I'd take a picture of the official US time documenting this.

7.5.09 - 7.11.09

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