Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 28 - Green Monster

For those who know me well, know I love to cook and especially try new recipes. I've been on a health kick lately (officially down 10lbs as of yesterday, thank you very much!) and I've heard a lot about Green Monster Smoothies lately. I did a Google search about them and found lots of recipes, but the great thing about these smoothies is that you can pretty much take any smoothie you usually drink and add a handful of spinach (or kale). I know, it sounds gross but I swear you cannot taste the spinach at all! So for lunch today (7/12) I made myself my first Green Monster with one cup of fresh (raw) spinach, one cup skim milk, one tbsp all natural peanut butter, one sugar-free fudgsicle, and one cup of crushed ice (from our ice maker). And below was my result! Sooooooo delicious!

After a pretty crappy Tuesday (not worth getting into), we got a good pick-me-up! We both won a 2nd place prize in one of my sweeps. We each won two sets of movie tickets! In today's economy and with current movie admissions, this is a great prize. Two free date nights! Now just gotta win some free dinner... ;-)

Thursday (7/16) my cousin Megan and I had an impromtu girl's night while Dean celebrated at a coworker's going away party. Megan and I ate our favorite fajita quesadilla's at LaMesa and were good girls and did a two-mile walk afterwards to burn some of it off! LOL

Friday night (7/17) we redeemed one set of the tickets to see 'Away We Go'. It ended up being an even better deal because the theatre was offering a $5 concession pass for $4 and when we handed them our voucher we asked for a concession pass, well the movie voucher is for $24 dollars and our movie total came to only $18, so they included the $4 in our voucher. So we ended up getting a movie and concessions for free! Anyway, the movie was soooooooo good. We highly recommend it.

Saturday Dean went golfing and I went running (4-miles, woot!). That evening we joined his mother Kathy and friends down at Lewis and Clark landing. We had dinner at Rick's Boatyard, walked the Pedistrian Bridge, and enjoyed the Playing with Fire concert series. Dean and I left a little early because it was such a beautiful night and our noisy neighbors are gone so we decided to enjoy a fire in our firepit and just have some us-time. :-) Very romantic, and very needed.

7.12.09 - 7.18.09

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